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Kids in Focus provides quality, Diagnostic Care and Therapeutic Services in a home-like setting for young people in crisis.

What a child doesn't receive he can seldom later give.

~P.D. James














What is included in the KIF Programs?

KIF provides a 4 part program that includes; assessments, individual, group and family services, comprehensive client reports, facilitating placement and services.

Part 1: Assessments
Clinical Evaluation
Psychological Evaluation
Psychiatric Evaluation
Art Therapy Evaluation
Comprehensive Medical
Evaluation: Physical
(including immunizations),
Vision, Hearing and Dental
Cognitive/Educational Evaluation
Academic Progress Evaluation
Physical Fitness Evaluation

Additional Assessments may include:
Referral for Neuropsychological Evaluation
Speech Evaluation
Occupational Therapy Evaluation
Substance Abuse Evaluation

Part 2: Services
Individual, Group and Family Therapy
Art Therapy
Licensed Private School
Special Education Services
Independent Living Skills
Social Skills
Fitness, Nutrition and Health Program

Part 3: KIF Comprehensive Client Report
Evaluation Results and Analysis
Program Progress and Achievements
Recommendations for Placement, Treatment,
and Services

Part 4: Facilitate Placement and Services
Upon completion of the assessment, KIF will
facilitate obtaining appropriate placement
and services
Site inspection will be made of placement options
to promote a positive match for the child
Children may remain in the program until
placement and/or services can be obtained.


Each KIF program is tailored to meet age specific and emotional developmental needs of individual clients. All KIF programs promote a cooperative and effective learning community by facilitating positive interpersonal communication, active engagement, and self-guidance. All KIF programs and personnel aspire to model the KIF philosophy of RIR=Respect, Integrity, Responsibility.


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